MAAD x STORIES: The Girl's Kaksh

Red Dot Design Museum Singapore gets up close and personal with Audrey from The Girl's Kaksh to learn more about this label, and their experience with MAAD

What is your personal fashion inspiration or mantra? 

I like classic wear as they withstand the test of time. Comfort is equally important. Unique one-offs appeal to me because I know no one else in the world will be having the same outfit. Hence, I try not to repeat my works.

Who is your brand’s target audience, and why do you aim to reach this certain audience? 

Ladies who appreciate comfort and customised wear that doesn't have to burn a hole in the pocket.

What makes you unique in this field of wearable fashion? 

One-offs. I do not find my works fashionable. Strictly speaking, it's not fashion. Just ladies wear, the way I want it to be worn by the wearer.

Would you consider yourself an artist, craftswoman, or would you fully identify as a fashion designer? How do you differentiate? 

None of them because I feel I need to be really good and specialise in something to be one of those. Not quite something I'm aspiring to be also. Don't like to be given a fixed professional title.  I'm constantly learning, and I am not formally trained to be any of the above.
I'm just someone who enjoys doing what I do and strives to be better at it each day.

How did you first find out about MAAD, and when did you first join? 

June 2008. 
I was looking for retail shops to consign my works. An indie label boutique told me "Hey, have you heard of MAAD? I go there. You should join too".

What is your motivation in joining the event? 

Meeting like-minded friends. Monthly gathering to catch-up and share.

What are your hopes for MAAD?

As an incubator or springboard for people who wants to carve their own niche.

How has MAAD affected your art and craft? 

Appreciation for clever alternatives that works.


facebook: /thegirlskaksh