MAAD x STORIES: Project Periscope

Something different from previous weeks, Red Dot Museum interviews Weizhi, founder of Project Periscope, a publishing house that aims to be a platform that inspires fulfilling work and meaningful living

What was your inspiration behind starting Project Periscope? 

I want to share success stories of people in different kinds of jobs so as to inspire the rest to pursue their dreams. Job satisfaction [in Singapore] remains low and I hope Periscope can provide a range of interesting jobs or hobbies for all of us to achieve a more fulfilling life.

List three things that makes you different from other publishing houses

1. We work with non-professionals. This means providing a platform for youths with talents and the right aptitude in writing and media to be involved and share their voice. We have worked with a few undergraduates in producing the first issue of Periscope Magazine.

2. We are open to anyone and any idea for collaboration so long as we share similar values and that it continues to drive our mission which is to inspire others to achieve a meaningful life using heartfelt stories. 

This means we give equal opportunities to whoever that reaches out to us.

3. For the same reason above, we practise balance and pragmatism for our readers. We do not favour stories who are overly sensational or extreme. 

How do you decide what stories or content to create? 

It is very much a personal decision based on the writer. The rule is that the story must be meaningful or heartfelt to the writer. We do not choose stories which we do not feel inspired and second guess if the readers will like them.

While it is not possible to give details on the nuances of the stories, the stories typically encompass values of dedication, perseverance, love, sacrifice, kinship and the like. We look at the intent of the protagonist in our story rather deeply. 

We also try to look for people who are less or not featured on other platforms. It is our belief that everyone can be inspiring in their own way and each of us can achieve a meaningful life. 

Tell us a little bit more on your journey to being a publisher  

I was a school teacher in a MOE school before I left to try my hand in career coaching for youths. At the same time, I started the website Project Periscope to feature stories of people who may potentially be role models to anyone looking to do similar. Over time, my love for print and aesthetics led me to publishing a hardcopy magazine Periscope.

We of course wonder if MAAD could be an effective platform for publishers such as Weizhi too

How did you first find out about MAAD, and when did you first join? 

It must have been a while since I've started to attend MAAD. It was quite natural to join MAAD as a vendor when I have a suitable product.

What is your motivation in joining the event? 

To share out labour of love with more people and also to do test on the interest in the product.

What are your hopes for MAAD? 

I hope MAAD can continue and even grow to a bigger scale as I always see new things for each MAAD market!

How has MAAD affected your art and craft?

MAAD allowed me to know that there are people who appreciate a well design aesthetic magazine. This motivates us to continue to work harder.
















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