MAAD x STORIES: Pindemic

Red Dot Design Museum interviews Jo Olivia Lee, founder of Pindemic, to find out more on how this 'slightly nostalgic, and a little bit naughty' brand came to life. 

What was your inspiration behind starting Pindemic? 

I think we have all been in this situation, perhaps some more than others. There are things that you really want to say and/or express but you bite your tongue solely because it’s not polite or socially appropriate so. We carefully curated PINDEMIC to be an outlet for that – where you wear your heart on your sleeve literally – and that little declaration of thought or passion flies under the radar because of its inconspicuous size. 

Who is your brand’s target audience, and why do you aim to reach this certain audience? 

We cater to the misfits and the deviants; only because we are a little hard to swallow as well.  

What makes you unique in this field? 

There are a lot of brands out there that are influenced by the skateboarding culture or by cartoons. What differentiates us is that we are not motivated by what is popular or trending at the moment, and being in this bubble of ours allow us to just design pins for the sake of and if it is something that we would wear, we will put it out there. 

What motivated you to work on mainly pins / patches and brooches? 

Lapel pins are fuss-free and exciting to accessorise with. They are one size fits all and they match on everything from collars to jackets to bags to snapbacks. 

Do you see yourself further specialising in this art, or expanding into other mediums? 

We have expanded and explored into patches, shirts, bags, stickers and more. But that is just us being mischievous and adventurous. Lapel pins will still remain our focus because they are just so fun to work with.


How did you first find out about MAAD, and when did you first join? 

We heard about from friends who have participated. We probably only started joining pop up markets last year when we wanted to meet our supporters to thank them personally. 

What is your motivation in joining the event? 

There is an infectious atmosphere of fearless creativity that we found enticing.

What are your hopes for MAAD? 

MAAD has been the launchpad and platform for many creatives and we hope that it can continue to do so, especially on a larger scale. 

How has MAAD affected your art and craft?

It is a great avenue to meet up brilliant local collectors and delightful supporters.  We are extremely grateful, and appreciative of everything MAAD has done for us so far.