MAAD x STORIES: Happy Hazel

Happy Hazel is a brand that focuses on creatives for dog-lovers, with a heart, as they contribute part of their proceeds for the needy dog associations

What was your inspiration behind starting Happy Hazel? 

Our inspiration is our lovely corgi! We hope to capture and translate the cute expressions and behaviours of dogs into graphics for dog lovers. We also hope to spread more love to the needy dogs by contributing part of our proceeds to dog associations. Since my Hubby (Honkit) can draw well and I love handicrafts, we have set up Happy Hazel together. 

Do you plan on expanding on products featuring other types of pets in the future? 

We are adding more products progressively to cater to different buyers. Also, we are working on different pet graphics (other than corgi) including cats.

What makes you unique in this field of ‘pawducts'

The graphics which are specially designed by us are unique. :) The products are also carefully scrutinised to ensure high quality standards and we allow our buyers the option for customisation of graphics.

Tell us a bit more about who ‘Hazel’ is in Happy Hazel

Hazel is our 2-year old red & white corgi. We were cracking our brain on a name of our shop and Honkit suddenly mentioned "why don't we call it Happy Hazel?" hahaha so immediately I went to create social media accounts and domains with the name. By the way, we have our 2nd dog, Olive, too. 

First time MAAD participants, Honkit and Stacey from Happy Hazel lets us in on how their experience has been thus far

How did you first find out about MAAD, and when did you first join? 

Chanced upon it when I was doing research on Singapore Bazaar. I have only joined this year.

What is your motivation in joining the event? 

To meet similar interest people and artist friends! Also, to know the response to our products. 

How do you expect your future experiences with MAAD to turn out? 

We have high hopes as I have heard a lot of good reviews from my friends who have attended the event as visitors/ vendors.

How can MAAD affected your art and craft? 

To continue striving and get more products ready for the next MAAD event. 








instagram: @happy.hazel