MAAD x STORIES: Euphoramics

Yan Ling lets us in on some of her insights and thoughts regarding her brand, Euphoramics

What was your inspiration behind starting Euphoramics? 

The idea behind Euphoramics was to bring happiness to others through ceramics and pottery making. Hence Euphoramics ~ Euphoria + Ceramics. Nature and its elements are often our sources of inspiration and clay being an earthy material, by creating with our hands, will connect us intimately with nature.

Who is your brand’s target audience, and why do you aim to reach this certain audience? 

Adults (young and old)

Over the years, we have discovered there's no age limit in appreciating art forms and handmade products. Our clients appreciate unique pieces that are handcrafted as opposed to mass produced wares. 

What makes you unique in this field? 

All ceramics makers have their own individual styles and sources of inspirations.  Our skills and creativity make us unique. Euphoramics focuses on tactile experiences, how it our clients feel as they use our wares and hold them in their hands.  Often each piece will resonate differently with different individuals. 

Why did you choose to also hold workshops and lessons on creating pieces? 

It came rather naturally that people are more curious about how pottery processes are like, and keen on making their own personalized wares. Conducting workshops and classes allow me to share my philosophy and what I have learnt over these years. To be able to create is a happy experience, which is exactly what Euphoramics is all about.  Creating joy. 

If you could define what a designer is, how would you define them?

I don't think I can do better than Google *smiles* 

In my opinion, a designer is someone who creates with the intention of improving the lives of others.  

Insights on MAAD... 

How did you first find out about MAAD, and when did you first join? 

Was looking for a suitable art popup platform and found out about MAAD.  However, I only joined beginning 2015 when I found out there's the option of table booth, which is more suitable for our wares.

What is your motivation in joining the event? 

To showcase our works and to have the opportunity for others to hold them physically (as opposed only having an online presence).

What are your hopes for MAAD? 

To continue to be a relevant and forward looking platform in supporting the local art and design scene.

How has MAAD affected your art and craft? 

MAAD will always be special in our hearts. As MAAD was an advanced scheduled event, it provided a momentum in our creation so as to ensure we have fresh works for the monthly event. It is also through MAAD that Euphoramics gained more consignment and collaborative opportunities. 





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