Public Art: Bird

Along Boat Quay, outside UOB Plaza

Sculpted by Fernando Botero in 1990, the bird is traditionally associated with peace and serenity. This three-dimensional Bird by Botero also signifies the joy of living and the power of optimism. Situated right outside UOB Plaza along Boat Quay, UOB believes that so long as there is peace and optimism among its people, Singapore will continue to grow and prosper. This is a popular sculpture that many tourists take pictures with and it has even been used for shoots for Indian movies. 

The Artist, Fernando Botero is famous for his exaggerated proportions and the fatness of his human and animal figures. Botero’s sculptures allows one of the pleasure of caressing reality, and there is a sensual complicity that the artist has with his creation which is shared with the public. 

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