Public Art: Homage to Newton

80 Chulia Street Singapore 048624 (UOB Plaza Courtyard)

Standing tall at 1.5 meters high, Homage to Newton is a sculpture made of Bronze and Dark Patin created by Salvador Dali Figueras, one of the most important surrealist artists. The sculpture has a resemblance to a man who has been violently disfigured, resembling how the other surrealist artists portray their human figures. 

Homage to Newton is fixed on a pedestal and requires viewers to look up in order to see the entire sculpture. In the 17th century, Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity and legend tells that the origin of this most important and fundamental physical law was initiated by the falling of an apple, represented in the sculpture by the ball falling from the right hand. The open torso of the figure and suspending heart represents "open-heartedness", while the open head represents an open mind.  These are two necessary qualities for the discovery of important natural laws as well as for the success of all human endeavours. 

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